Quality caulking tools for precise finish

Elite's expertly designed caulking tools

Catering to professionals and tradies, Elite Glass Solutions brings to you high-quality caulking tools that simplify the glazing process without compromising on results. Crafted for precision, our silicone caulking tools offer easy handling and superior output.

Why choose Elite's caulking tools?

Elite Glass Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality caulking tools in Australia and New Zealand. Our products, including the popular silicone caulking tool, are designed to provide you with superior control for more precise application of sealants and grouts. Whether you’re a tradie refreshing a bathroom or an architect designing a commercial space, Elite’s caulking tools are a trusted choice for your glazing consumables.


Our caulking tools are manufactured using high-grade materials, ensuring longevity.

Efficacious design

With an optimal handle grip and easy application, our tools offer superior control during the caulking process.

Customer support

Our responsive customer support is always at hand to assist you in your queries or issues.

Versatile offerings

Our extensive range of caulking tools is suitable for varied applications in both residential and commercial projects.

Frequently asked questions

The caulking process using Elite's caulking tool
A professional utilizing Elite's Caulking Tool for a seamless caulking process.

Elite's caulking tools are professional-standard equipment designed for applying sealants in glazing projects. Built for precision and durability, these tools ensure a smooth application process and a neat finish.

Craftsman applying caulking using Elite's caulking tool
Tradies trust Elite's Caulking Tools for superior control and precision.

Elite’s caulking tools are popular for their durability, efficiency, and ease of use. They allow for a more controlled and precise application of sealants and grouts, making them a top choice for industry professionals.

Yes, Elite's caulking tools are designed to be versatile, capable of handling various materials including glass, tile, and metal. Their robust construction and precision design allow for effective application on any surface commonly encountered in both residential and commercial glazing projects.

Maintaining Elite's caulking tools involves regular cleaning after each use to prevent sealant buildup, storing them in a dry environment to avoid corrosion, and periodically checking for any wear or damage. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and performance of your caulking tools.

Yes, Elite Glass Solutions offers a variety of caulking tools in different sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of your projects. Whether you're working on small residential repairs or large commercial installations, our range includes sizes that ensure optimal handling and efficiency for every task.

Expertise and support

At Elite Glass Solutions, we believe in supplying top-notch products that aid in simplifying the work process while ensuring outstanding results. Our team of experts is available to assist you in selecting the best-suited caulking tools that meet your needs.

Get in touch today for detailed product specifications, pricing, and other queries.

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