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Floor closers for glass installations

Elite Glass Solutions offer high-quality glass installation services complete with hardware components like floor closers. Immensely popular among tradies, architects, and interior designers, our floor closers are trusted for their blend of quality, versatility, and durability.

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Frequently asked questions

A floor closer component
A standard floor closer component from Elite Glass Solutions

Floor closers are hydraulic devices installed into the floor beneath a door. They make the door self-closing, ensuring it always remains shut unless intentionally opened, making it a crucial component for various glass installation needs.

Expertise & support

Entrust Elite Glass Solutions with your glass installation projects, rely on our floor closers for a seamless finish, durability, and quality. Our expert team can assist you in selecting the right hardware for your specific needs, facilitate your buying process, and provide information on installation and usage.

Why choose Elite floor closers?

Our floor closers are designed for modern applications while prioritizing longevity, quality, and aesthetics. Explore the benefits of choosing Elite Floor Closers ranked top by both users and specifiers alike for their unique design and low inventory levels.


Gain from our quality floor closers constructed from premium materials ensuring a time-resistant reliable product.

Design and versatility

Our floor closer designs offer a clean, modern look, offering numerous choices for both residential and commercial applications.

Pricing and installation

Reasonably priced, our floor closers come with detailed installation instructions simplifying the process even further and making your job easier.

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