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Elite bracing bars

Strengthen your glass installations with Elite Bracing Bars. Designed for superior support and sophisticated styling, our bracing bars set a new benchmark for both utility and elegance.

Features of Elite bracing bars

Our bracing bars offer robust support for shower screens, especially those exceeding 600mm in length. Built from solid brass or 304-grade stainless steel, these bars not only adhere to Australian standards but also promise durability and functionality.

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Frequently asked questions

Bracing bars on a shower screen
Bracing bars used for added support on a glass shower screen

Bracing bars are a form of hardware accessory used to provide additional support and security to glass installations like shower screens. They can be constructed with solid brass or 304-grade stainless steel, offering high durability and functionality.

Different types of bracing bars
Different types of bracing bars including wall-to-glass and glass-to-glass support bars

Bracing bars could be glass-to-wall, providing a strong connection between the glass shower screen to the wall, or glass-to-glass, which links two glass panels covering up to 1000mm gap between the panels.

Expertise and support from Elite

From tradies executing bathroom installations to architects and interior designers planning commercial spaces, our team at Elite Glass Solutions caters to diverse support requirements. We guide you to select the right bracing bar for your project, ensuring the perfect finish. Reach us here.

Why choose our bracing bars?

Invest in bracing bars tailored for strength and sophistication. Discover the Elite difference here.

Durable materials

Built from solid brass or 304-grade stainless steel, our bracing bars guarantee longevity.

Stylish design

Our bracing bars add an elegant touch to your shower installations, harmonising with any bathroom decor.

Easy installation

With comprehensive installation guides and expert support at your fingertip, bracing bar installation is a breeze.


Whether it's a residential bathroom or a commercial space, our bracing bars are the perfect fit.

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