Shower water bars

Elite Glass Solutions offers top-tier shower screen door water bars for maintaining dry, elegant, and safe bathing areas.

High quality water bars

Why choose our shower screen water bars?

Our shower screen door water bars offer more than just a dry floor. They are about the elegance, ease of installation, versatility, and quality that Elite Glass Solutions provides.

Ultimate no-leakage solution

Ever dealt with water leaks under your shower screen door? Fret no more. Our shower screen door water bars are your optimal leak solution. They pair with frameless shower screens guaranteeing dry and sophisticated bathrooms and aquatic facilities. Here's why our products are your reliable hardware choice.

Premium materials

We use premium materials to make our water bars durable and corrosion-resistant.

Sophisticated design

Our water bars showcase a sleek aesthetic that complements every bathroom decor.

Easy installation

We deliver products with comprehensive guides and technical support for easy installation.


Our shower screen door water bars are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Frequently asked questions

Water bar for shower
Elite Glass Solutions' water bar installed under a shower screen door

A water bar is an accessory installed at the bottom of the shower screen to prevent water leakage. They serve both as a practical and aesthetic solution to combat the issue of leaking water under shower screen doors.

Expertise and support

Specializing in providing products that combine functionality, practicality, and safety, our shower screen door water bars are unmatchable. Whether you're a tradie, interior designer, or architect, we're ever ready to help you choose the right fit for your project.

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